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Agricultural lands, rural development Romania
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Economic report of Galati-Braila
Economic report of Sud-Est
Macro economic report of Romania

Agriculture and Rural Development.

Between 2014-2020, Romania will receive european funds for Agriculture and Rural Development about 17 billion euros and has as priority :
agricultural units romania development, establishment and modernization of agricultural units;
agricultural and forest products increase of the added value of the agricultural and forest products;
rural development renewal, development of the villages, improvement of basic services for the economy and rural population and for the patrimony valorization.

Our Company and the Agriculture in Romania:
agriculture we follow directly the Romanian Plain, region with centuries-old tradition in the agriculture, with a very fertile soil, irrigation networks, access to a complex infrastructure of roads, railways and Danube ports ;
agricultural services romania we carry out services of purchase and reunion of agricultural land in the name of the customer. Less expensive solution (lands from 2.800€/ha) but of medium-along term;
European funds romania advising and planning for access to European funds;
agricultural company romania assistance and services through partners agricultural companys .
agricultural lands romania investment opportunities;
business opportunity business opportunity - farms for sale.

The Agriculture in coverage areas :
wheat and sunflower Galati : 65% cereals (20% wheat), 20% sunflower, 6% vineyard and vegetables
wheat romania Braila : 65% cereals (20% wheat), 25% sunflower, 3% vegetables
barley and maize romania Buzau : 70% cereals (21% wheat), 20% sunflower, 3% vegetables, 1,7% fruits
vineyard romania Tulcea : 60% cereals (25% wheat), 23% sunflower, 4% vineyard, 1% fruits
beet sugar romania Ialomita : 60% cereals (31% wheat), 22% sunflower, 3% vegetables
sunflower romania Constanta : 60% cereals (31% whest), 24% sunflower, 3% vineyard, 1% fruits
vegetables romania Timis : 70% cereals (28% wheat), 9% sunflower, 6% vegetables, 2% fruits

Our Company and Rural Development in Romania :
technical advisors through our technical advisors we are able to follow projects for rural development (sewage systems, street lighting, water treatment, etc.);
lobby services lobby services.


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