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Investment opportunities Romania, building and agricultural lands
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Investments & Construction in Romania.

The Romanian market represents an excellent investment prospect.
romania market The strategic geographical position, the ports on the Black Sea and the Danube, the great economic potential and tourism, made Romania a destination preferred by entrepreneurs for their business. Besides, the European Community sees Romania as the logistics interface between the West and East and future economic power in Europe.
real estate romania Romania joining the European Union has made the purchase of real estate properties in Romania a big opportunity. The most attractive part of such an investment is that even today the price of property is low, which is practically impossible to lose, no real estate property being in danger of decreasing its value.
construction romania If you intend to buy, rent or build houses, apartments, shopping malls, residential or industrial centers in Romania, beyond knowing the market very well = we guarantee the best purchase price, have various opportunities, investment proposals for short and medium term, enterprises partner for construction and restructuring.

Why investing in Romania :
real estate romania high revaluation of property;
buildings lands romania building lands from 15 €/sqm, construction costs 600-800 €/sqm,
selling price for new buildings 1000-1.500 €/sqm.;
apartments romania great demand for new buildings ;
property investment romania investment opportunities ;
business opportunity opportunities for business - companies and real estate projects for sale;
real estate romania 16% flat rate tax on profits (1% on income), from 5% tax on dividents ;
business romania net medium salary 700 €/month (total for company 1190€/month);
speak english romania over 50% of town people speak english, franch or italian;
romania inflation low inflation rate (2019 +3,8%, 2020 +2,2%),currency influenced by the Euro;
romania inflation excellent economic growth (2019 + 4,2%, 2020 - 5,2%) ;
grant contributions romania grant European Union contributions ;
entrepreneurial initiatives romania incentives by the EU for entrepreneurial initiatives;
export of capital no restriction on export of capital.

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