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Tax consulting Romania, reinvoicing
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    Str. Montà 106, Tel. +39 3486908777
► Galati (Romania)
    Str. Lapusneanu 18, Tel. +40 236435321

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Pay less taxes and start to gain profit with Re-Invoicing.

This objective can be easily reached, even if the businessmen are educated to fear these financial operations that are approved by the international conventions and therefore being forced to pay a large amount of dues and taxes.
Today, almost all companies, big or small, are familiar with the international reality and they have chosen this way out.
Our solution is simple and effective, based on a form of re-invoicing, which can be personalized to any category of client (free-lancers, consultants, and so on), without the need to delocalize or to open another company.
See the model bellow :

Tax advice and Re-Invoicing in Romania


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